Iron has a number of important functions in the overall metabolism of the plant and is essential for the synthesis of chlorophyll.

Iron deficiency chlorosis is a major nutritional disorder for crops growing in calcareous soils, and causes decreases in vegetative growth as well as marked yield and quality losses. Iron deficiency can occur during periods of heavy growth or high plant stress and it is also associated with high pH and excessive calcium carbonate in the soil. With a serious iron shortage, the older leaves and the smaller veins in the leaf can turn yellow and sometimes almost white. In serious cases, the leaves show necrosis, and the plant’s growth and flowering are inhibited. If iron deficiency is not eliminated, results such as serious yield loss and growth retardation occur in plants; it causes the trees to dry completely in advanced stages.

As a long-lasting solution, our EDTA & EDDHA chelated 2P Iron Supplements Line helps you achieve your production goals by providing optimum iron availability. The chelated EDTA & EDDHA formulations form a protective ring around the nutrient, which preserves it from being tied up in the soil or by other nutrients.

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