Expert SC Macroelements are particularly engineered to offer concentrated, economic, effective & efficient, premium gel fertilizers to meet your plants’ macro and micronutrients needs in a perfect way.

Our Expert SC Macroelements line encompasses high-end, concentrated, homogeneous suspension (gel) fertilizers formulated free of chlorine, sodium, and heavy metals. This line contains high sulfur for low soil pH and chelated micro elements, which help maximum nutrient efficiency and availability to your plants. This line offers you a vast range of formulations that you may need for each stage to obtain optimum results.

Expert SC line offers concentrated thixotropic liquids, which means they remain gelled when static and fully flowable when pumped, ensuring the high concentration of plant nutrients remains completely homogeneous. Fertilizers in this line are suited to application through all fertigation systems – drip systems, low throw sprinklers, center pivots, and spray units.

Expert SC suspensions do not separate or settle during transport and application, and remain fully uniform from our factory to the last drop applied in your field. Besides all these, you are free to customize your product in terms of density, color, formulation, and packaging attributes.

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