2P Phosphite

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It provides excellent protection against fungi and some bacterial diseases, especially mildew. It increases the production of phytoalexin and improves the immune system against pathogens. It is transported in both Phloem and Xylem. It is a liquid fertilizer containing Phosphorus and Potassium at the highest rate. Phosphorus It is in the form of phosphate ions obtained from phosphorous acid. Therefore, uptake by the plant is 4 times higher than normal phosphate. Removes quickly from both leaves and roots. Increases body diameter. Increases fruit weight and yield. Leaves no residue. 4 times faster than normal phosphate.liquid fertilizers manufacturer

Guaranteed Contentw/v
Phosphorue (P205)30%
Potassium (K2O)20%

Foliar Application
Fruit trees 200-300 ml/100 Lt of water
Horticulture 100-200 ml/100 Lt of water
Banana 100-200 ml/100 Lt of water
Soil Application
7-10 Lt/Ha in 2-4 times through drip irrigation.