2P Silisium

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2P Silisium improves the resistance of plants in difficult situations caused by climatic and environmental conditions (drought, coldness, heatwave, salinity, toxicity of chemical elements), increases the photosynthetic ability of plants, promotes enzymatic activity and accelerates the metabolic function of plants.

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Nitrogen (N)3%
Organic Matter (Om)30%
Humic & Fulvic Acids22%
Amino Acid2%

It is recommended to use 250 grams in 100 liters of water.
Drip; 2.5 kg minimum 15 applications with 15 – 20 days intervals. Foliar; 250 cc is applied to 100 liters of water.
No spreader-glue is required. It mixes with everything except copper, sulfur, etc.
Preliminary testing should be performed before mixing.