Pulcu M Nitrate

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Pulcu Magnesium Nitrate fertilizer is very suitable for removing magnesium deficiency in plants, completely soluble in water, pure and crystal form fertilizer. It contains 15% MgO and 11% nitrate nitrogen. Nitrate, because it facilitates the uptake of magnesium in plants Pulcu Magnesium Nitrate is a good magnesium carrier. As it dissolves easily in water, it is suitable for foliar applications and nutrient solutions.

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Total Nitrogen (N)11%
Nitrate Nitrogen (N)11%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO)15%
Magnesium (Mg)9%
PlantsUsage / 100 lt water
Vegetables300 – 400 gr / da
Citrus300 – 400 gr / da
Fruit Trees300 – 350 gr / da
Banana300 – 400 gr / da
Strawberry300 – 400 gr / da