Nano Exper

Our Pulcu Nano Organic series is a new concept for plant developers. Nano Organic was obtained by controlled bacterial fermentation and complexed with specific amino acids with fulvic acids. It is a mixture of micro elements, microbial and organic substances. It also contains vitamins, enzymes, auxins, anti-oxidants that increase the amount of anti-oxidant in plants and fruits. Nano Organics contribute to increase the fruit volume, color and brix degree of the fruits in different phenological stages with the polysaccharides it contains. Nutrients such as NPK, Fe, Zn and betaines, proteins, enzymes, auxins and vitamins were added to enrich the nano organics. The polysaccharides in it increase mycorrhizal fungi in the soil and provide mycorrhization.

Guaranteed Contentw/v
Total Nitrogen (N)8%
Organic Nitrogen (N)2%
Potassium Oxide (K2O)6%
Organic Matter25%
Organic Carbon15%
Free Amino acid24%




According to the culture, the nature of the soil and the content in the organic matter of the soil.
Fruit trees 200-300 cc / 100 lt of water
Horticulture 100-200 cc / 100 lt of water
Banana 100-200 cc / 100lt of water
In injection 7-10 lt / Ha