Pulcu Betamol

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Pulcu BetaMol is a product made for the warming of plants. Glycine betaine is the most powerful osmoprotectant in the plant world. It increases the osmotic pressure in the plant cell and prevents the water from escaping from the cell and causing death. This pressure allows the retention or diffusion of water and trace elements by osmotic management. Likewise, it reduces the point of crystallization of water in the cells of the plant; This makes it possible to lower the jelly temperature and thus prevent the cells and branches of the plant from bursting. Application of Pulcu BetaMol alleviates the negative effects of drought stress on sunflower acen weight, improves gas exchange properties and biomass production and increases dry matter, grain yield and osmolites in corn.

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Glycine Betaine35%
Molybdenum (Mo)12%
PlantsUsage Dose Kg/da
Drip Irrigation Method2-3 Lt / Ha
Foliar Application50 – 100 cc / 100 Lt water