Pulcu Bor Max

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Pulcu Bor Max is a concentrated ethanolamine chelated boron product, which contains 12% boron ethanolamine. Ethanolamine is an important plant metabolite for both the synthesis of phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) and phosphatidylcholine (PC), two major phospholipids in plant membranes, and for the production of the plant-signaling lipids N-acylethanolamines that modulate plant physiological processes.

In sum; Pulcu Bor Max:

  • is readily absorbed through plant leaves, shoots, roots, and reproductive structures.
  • is essential in the development and growth of new tissue and fruit set. Thus; it provides an increase in flowering, fertility, and fruit number.
  • is suitable for soil and foliar application. This product is also compatible with most pesticides.
Guaranteed Contentw/w
Boron Ethanolamine12%
Ethanolamine Chelate


Soil Application
Fruit Trees650-950 cc / da
Beets450-650 cc / da
Grape (Vineyard)2-4 lts / da
Olives450-650 cc / da
Vegetable950 cc / da
Flowers450-650 cc / da
Foliar Application
Fruit Trees50-100 cc / 100 lts of water
Beets200-250 cc / 100 lts of water
Vineyard100-200 cc / 100 lts of water
Olives200-250 cc / 100 lts of water
Vegetable50-100 cc / 100 lts of water
Clove50-100 cc / 100 lts of water