Pulcu CalciBall 10-0-10+20CaO

Pulcu CalciBall 10-0-10+20CaO provides nitrogen, potassium, and calcium within a single granule to ensure an even distribution of each nutrient. The addition of CaO enhances crop yield and quality in Calcium-deficient situations.

Prominent Advantages of Pulcu CalciBall 10-0-10+20CaO:

  • provides a balanced source of Nitrogen and Potassium,
  • the synergistic effect between NO3 and K2O leads to high rates of absorption of both elements,
  • K as an ingredient improves nitrogen-use efficiency and save considerable quantities of fertilizer and irrigation water,
  • is a great alternative in periods of high temperatures when the use of ammonium-based fertilizers, especially in substrate-grown crops, should be minimized,
  • ensures healthy and strong growth.

Pulcu CalciBall 10-0-10+20CaO is particularly recommended for crops which are sensitive to salinity.



Nitrogen: 10%
Potassium: 10%
Calcium: 20%