Pulcu DAP 18 46

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Pulcu Dap 18-46 is very suitable when it is not necessary to supply potassium to the soil and for crops that are demanding in phosphorus. Ammoniacal nitrogen facilitates the absorption of phosphorus. The phosphorus is totally assimilable by the plants and 95% soluble in water, guaranteeing an excellent agronomic result. It has a residual acidic effect on soils, although initially, it has an alkaline reaction, making it very suitable for neutral or basic soils.base fertilizers suplier

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Total Nitrogen (N)18%
Total Phosphorus (P2O5)46%

The effectiveness of diammonium phosphate fertilizer particularly in the
calcareous soils with pH above 7.5 is higher than triple superphosphate
(TSP). As it is the case with other phosphorous fertilizers, a portion of
phosphorus existing in diammonium phosphate fertilizer combines with
calcium (Ca) that is abundant in calcareous soils and becomes non-available
for plants. However, it can transform again to useful form as a result of certain
physicochemical processes in soils. Therefore, all phosphorous fertilizers
including diammonium phosphate must be banded with special equipment
instead of spreading. .
As the case for other compound fertilizers, diammonium phosphate is applied
in advance of or during seeding and incorporated with soil considering the
effective root deepness. Applying it after seed germination will not have any
effect on phosphorus nutrition of plants. The reason of this is that phosphorus
retention by soil particles and as a result of this, hindered horizontal
movement. Phosphorus can reach up to a depth of only 5-6 cm with
precipitation. Therefore, in diammonium phosphate application 5-6 cm below
the seeding depth must be aimed.