Pulcu LeoBio Mix

The new generation subsurface fertilizers enrich your soil with their chemical and physical structures.Thanks to the organic matter in their structures; correct the structure of the soil. They help water retention and permeability, enrich the soil poor in organic matter. They protect the plants from soil and climate stress due to the humic and fulvic acids they contain. They increase the development of roots and other organs. They facilitate and increase the uptake of macro and micro nutrients needed by the plant from soil. Thanks to the sulfur in their structure, they have a positive effect on soil pH and make the soil suitable for plant production. They prevent fixation of macro and micro elements and help to solve the connected ones. They meet the needs of plants with macro elements in their structures. Because of these reasons, quality and efficiency increase directly in positive direction.organomineral slow release fertilizers producer

Guaranteed Content 

Humic Acid45%
Organic Matter60%





VegetablesIn soil preparation, mingle LeoBio Mix with the soil at a depth of 8cm to 10 cm 20 days before planting seedlings and vegetables and before the furrow alignment.50 – 100 kg / da
PotatoesApply before planting and furrow alignment.75 – 125 kg / da
Hazelnut and KiwiApply onto the fringes in spring and fall .2,5 – 3 kg / tree
CottonIn soil preparation, mingle LeoBio Mix with the soil at a depth
of 15cm to 20 cm.
75 – 100 kg / da
VineyardFirst application in October / November and the second application
in April / May.
75 – 85 kg / da
Seedlings & Ornamental PlantsMingle LeoBio Mix with the potting mix and for seedlings spread
LeoBio Mix into the planting hollow.
75 – 125 gr / seedling (depending on plant size)
2 – 3 kg / tree
Melon and WatermelonIt is applied by mixing it into the soil at a depth of 15-20 cm 15-20 days
before planting.
25 – 50 kg / da
TurfsIn soil preparation, apply LeoBio Mix before seeding.75 – 125 kg / da
OlivesApply LeoBio Mix in spring and fall during soil tillage.1 kg / tree age
Wheat, Paddy, Barley, Oats,
Broad Beans, and Lentils
In October / November: mingle LeoBio Mix with soil just one week
before seeding.
In February / March: during tillering phase before the rain.
75 – 125 kg / da
Sunflower, Corn, and Sugar BeetIn order to prepare the soil, mingle LeoBio Mix with the soil at a depth of 10cm to 15 cm just 7 – 14 days before planting.subsurface application:
75 – 125 kg / da
Citrus, Banana, Peach, Apple, and CherryApply onto the fringes in spring and fall .75 – 100 kg / da