Pulcu Magnesium Sulfate

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Pulcu Magnesium sulfate is a water-soluble fertilizer containing 16% MgO. White crystalline appearance. Magnesium, another mineral that a healthy plant needs, is the building block of chlorophyll molecules in the leaves. Anion-cation balance and pH values of the leaves of a plant that can get enough magnesium from the soil are realized at the desired level. The plant is capable of healthier photosynthesis and provides maximum benefit from sunlight and develops accordingly.

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Water Soluble Magnesium Sulfate (MgSo4)16%
Water Soluble Sulfur Tri Oxide (So3)32%
Water Soluble Sulfur (S)13%
Vegetables15-25 kg / da
Citrus0.5 – 1 kg / da
Fruit Trees0.5 – 1 kg / da
Banana0.5 – 1 kg / da
Strawberry0.5 – 1 kg / da