Pulcu Maxi Fulvic

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Pulcu Maxi Fulvic with its tiny molecules works well in both soil and foliar applications, where they transfer vital nutrients through the cell membrane of your plants. They work in tandem to help boost plant and increase crop yields. This product is soluble in water at all pH levels. The basic benefit of Pulcu Maxi Fulvic is its ability to bind to nutrients and transfer those nutrients into your plant. Moreover; Pulcu Maxi Fulvic enhances the water holding capacity and stimulates root and shoot growth.

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Guaranteed Contentw/w
Organic Matter (Om)80%
Fulvic Acid80%
Water Soluble Potassium (K2O)6%


All field and industrial plants25-50 kg / da
All tuberous plants25-50 kg / da
All open-field plants20-40 kg / da
All greenhouse vegetables and cut flowers50-70 kg / da
All fruit trees1 – 3 kg / tree
In all nurseries ( 2-5 year old )0,5 – 1 kg / seedling
Vineyard0,5 – 1 kg / vinestock
In grass fields (maintenance)50 kg / year
Sowing grass2 times 30% to 50 % of the cover soil