Pulcu Maxi Fulvic

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Pulcu Maxi Fulvic dissolves rapidly in alkaline environment. The reaction rate is quite high. Pulcu MaxFulvic is a plant growth regulator that helps in avoiding stressful periods and difficult periods such as irregularities. When applied from the soil, the nutrient elements (especially phosphorus and trace elements), which are bound to the soil, are useful by chelating them. It increases the cation exchange capacity of the soil. Provides beneficial growth of roots and microorganisms. It regulates the pH of soil and lowers salinity. It improves the physical structure of the soil and provides excellent root growth and plays a role in obtaining healthy and high quality plants and products. Pulcu Maxi Fulvic accelerates respiration and formation of plant roots. It acts as an organic catalyst in plants and soil. Provides rapid growth of soil and microorganisms. It also stimulates the growth of vegetative organs and roots of plants. Pulcu MaxFulvic improves plant nutrition by increasing permeability of plant cell membranes. It stimulates plant root system and cell proliferation and provides balanced growth of the plant. Stimulates plant enzymes and increases plant’s desire to survive. Pulcu Maxi Fulvic increases the germination power of the seed and increases the water holding capacity of the soil. It also maximizes the ion exchange capacity of the soil. Enriches both organic and mineral substances necessary for plant growth in soil. Pulcu Maxi Fulvic ensures that the chemical fertilizers needed by the plants are kept in the soil water in the root zone.biohumat fertilizers suplier

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Organic Matter (Om)80%
Fulvic Acid80%
Water Soluble Potassium (K2O)6%


All field and industrial plants25-50 kg / da
All tuberous plants25-50 kg / da
All open-field plants20-40 kg / da
All greenhouse vegetables and cut flowers50-70 kg / da
All fruit trees1 – 3 kg / tree
In all nurseries ( 2-5 year old )0,5 – 1 kg / seedling
Vineyard0,5 – 1 kg / vinestock
In grass fields (maintenance)50 kg / year
Sowing grass2 times 30% to 50 % of the cover soil