Pulcu Sulfur SC 80

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Pulcu Sulfur SC 80 is an effective product that can be applied to dissolve lime and salinity of soil, increase soil acidity and lower soil pH. In addition, it breathes the soil and adjusts its blood pressure, it helps to adjust the temperature of the soil in cold months. It facilitates the uptake of macro (nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and similar) and micro (zinc, iron, cobalt, manganese nutrients that the soil cannot take due to high pH. Since it is in the form of elemental sulfur, it is about four times more effective than sulfate and the like sulfur forms. The total sulfur (S) content is 80% on average. This ratio corresponds to 200% of total SO3 (sulfur dioxide) source. Due to its elemental S form, it is an effective product that can be used in soil improvement. Does not damage the greenhouse cover. Usage amounts vary according to soil pH level and structure.

Guaranteed Content
Elemental Sulfur80%
Dilluted Sulfur800 gr / lt
PlantsUsage Dose Lt/da
Fruit Trees50-100
Sugar Cane60-120