Nano Root

Increases rooting rate and root quality. It provides adventitious root formation in steel propagation. Increases pile root length. Delays the destruction of chlorophyll to keep the green parts of the plant green for a long time. Reduces peak dominance, increases lateral branching, strawberries in the amount of branches, the amount of tillering in wheat, cotton and eggplant increases the formation of side branches. It leads to thickening of the root diameter. Pulcu NanoRoot plays an active role in the transport of macro and micro elements when combined with low-dose leaf fertilizers. It increases the formation of callus base. Quickly repairs wound tissues

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Total Nitrogen (N)7%
Organic Nitrogen (N)1.6%
Calcium (CaO)5.0%
Organic Matter25%
Fulvic Acid15%
Free Amino Acid10%
NAA – BNOA – Vitamin B12 Complex


10 to 50 L / ha depending on culture, soil type and organic matter content.
Foliar :
Fruit trees: 200-300 cc / 100 lt water
Horticulture: 100-200 cc / 100 lt water
Soil Application:
2-4 times during 7-10 lt / ha season.