Pulcu AN 33

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It is suitable for application on all types of soil. The fertiliser contains nitrogen in the form of ammonium nitrate and enables fast supply (and nutrition) of plants with this basic nutritional macro element.base fertilizers manufacturer

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Total Nitrogen (N)33%
Ammonium Nitrogen (NH3-N)16.5%
Nitrate Nitrogen (N)16.5%
It is recommended to apply in the period from spring when the plants need nitrogen most, until the middle of summer. In multi-year plants, fruit set can be applied in a timely and rapid development period, and in annual plants a small amount before planting and at the beginning of the development period. It should not be given close to seeds and capillaries.
The amount to be used should be applied in two or more pieces, not all at once. Thus, nitrogen will benefit the development of the plant more.