Pulcu AS 21 ( DCD Inhibitor )

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Pulcu AS 21 ( Ammonium Sulfate ) is ideal for blending or direct application.Pulcu AS 21 is the preferred nitrogen source for rice, wheat and pastures in sulfur deficient areas and in alkaline row crop areas. This fertilizer is ideal for areas where you already have high levels of phosphorus and potassium. This fertilizer is safe to be used on Lawns, Gardens, Flowers, Shrubs, Hedges, and Trees.base fertilizers producer

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Total Nitrogen (N)21%
Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4-N)20.4%
Dicyandiaminde Nitrogen0.6%

It is used in calcareous soils since it is an acidic fertilizer. If it is given to the soil for many years, it increases the amount of acid in the soil.
• It is used for planting tea, paddy, cereal, fruit and vegetables.
• Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer is generally used during planting. Thus, it enables the Phosphorus in the soil, which accelerates the growth of the plants, to be taken more easily by the plant.
• If the ammonium sulfate is given less than the plants need, the development of the plant will be weak.