Pulcu Calci Amino

Pulcu Calci Amino is formulated to prevent and correct calcium and nitrogen deficiencies. Better quality and yield of harvest, better shelf life and great tolerance to storage fruits and stress and other plant diseases. It can be used in all kinds of crops. (fruit trees, horticulture, citrus, cereal, tropical products, rice, coffee, sugar cane, pineapple, avocado, banana tree, ornamental, mango, etc.) A solution of calcium and nitrogen complexed with a mixture of polycarboxylic acids. Contains polycarboxylic acids, free amino acids, oligo elements and natural phytohormones. The exchange of sodium with calcium acts through the improvement of soil structure and removal of salts. It should always be applied to the water dissolved by leaf or soil irrigation.

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Nitrogen (N)10%
Calcium (Ca)12%
Free Amino Acid6%
Organic Matter + Vitamins + Amino Acid

Unikey Kalsi Amino can be applied in every plant by foliar spraying in 100-200 cc / 100 lt water dose.
And it can be applied in 2-4 lt / decare dose with soil water.