About us


PULCU TARIM started growing more than three decades ago and has since developed into a leading agrochemical manufacturer & exporter dedicated to feeding the world. PULCU TARIM is a member of a customer-oriented group of companies that operates across over 70 countries. PULCU TARIM delivers efficient products proven to produce results wherever the world grows. With our full spectrum of macro & micronutrients, and plant & soil health products, PULCU TARIM equips you with the right tools to yield optimum results. Our professional team empowers you with the insight you need to make soil nurturing decisions. Through each step of the manufacturing process, products are inspected and tested to ensure continuous quality of the highest standard.


We are distinct from other brands by 
  • premium quality products,
  • extraordinary customer service,
  • bespoke solutions to your specifications, and
  • alluring packaging alternatives. 
Available offering options include: packaging, labeling, and custom formulations. With over three decades of manufacturing & exporting experience, using technologically advanced equipment, ongoing investments, and employee training; at PULCU TARIM our ultimate goal is to delight our clients by exceeding their expectations.


Our 3 production facilities annually formulate, store, and distribute approximately 200 thousand tons of solid and 50 thousand tons of liquid agricultural nutrients. We are supporting growers in over 70 countries with customized value-added products and a broad service offering.


Our Mission

is to offer custom solutions to world farmers’ specifications in an environmentally friendly, innovative, timely, and reliable manner with our strong background in engineering, quality control, and customer service.

Our Vision

is harnessing sustainable green technologies while reaching more farmers to feed the world.

Our Values

At Pulcu Tarım, we conduct our work with an emphasis on integrity and excellence for the benefit of all our stakeholders. We stand for values exemplified in three main pillars: 
  • constantly mindful in serving our stakeholders.
  • We are careful stewards of natural resources.
  • evolving to meet our stakeholders’ needs.