2P Carbon Organominerals enrich the soil structure with their chemical and physical features. The organic matter in their content improves your soil. These subsurface fertilizers should be worked or watered into the top 3 to 5 inches of soil with hoe or spade work after being applied to help the fertilizer leach down toward your plants’ root zones.

Prominent features of new generation 2P Carbon Organominerals:

– More stable, balanced, and uniform product with predictable nutrient availability and nutrient release over a period of time.
– Regular use provides accelerated reproduction of soil fertility, increasing the content of humus.
– Protect your plants from soil and climate stress thanks to the humic and fulvic acids in their content.
– Help you save time, labor, inputs, and increase the harvests in the unit area. Their high nutrient concentration lowers the required application rates. Moreover, reduces water consumption. One unit volume of our granules will provide the moisture content in the soil, which by volume is 30 times more.
– Increase the development of roots and other organs. The crops treated by the products in this line give the highest values of leaf area, cob weight, and grain yield.
– Facilitate and increase the intake of macro and micronutrients and ensure their transportation to your plant in proper amounts and in a balanced manner.
– There is no threat of excessive accumulation of nitrates in crops and products.

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