Expert Water-Soluble Fertilizers are ideal for a balanced nutrient program with their NPK, amino acids, vitamins, and essential chelated micronutrients content free from phytotoxic impurities. The products in this line are available both in fine powder and crystal forms in infinite color alternatives. Their physical form gives you the freedom of applying them through all irrigation and spray systems easily.

Expert Water-Soluble Fertilizes eliminate the risk of blockages and immobilization of nutrients. Consequently, nutrients are readily available for immediate plant uptake. This product line perfectly meets any crop requirements during all stages from seed to harvest that plants go through thanks to its vast range of advanced NPK ratios.

Prominent benefits of Expert Water-Soluble Macronutrients:

– Made of premium raw materials
– Ensures fast nutrient uptake
– 100% water-soluble
– Complemented by EDTA chelated micronutrients
– Bespoke formulations meeting your special needs
– Safe & fast shipment
– Long shelf-life
– Infinite particle color options
– Customized alluring packaging options

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