WHEN to use WHICH product?

WHEN to use WHICH product?

– Involved in the promotion of cell elongation and differentiation, and are crucial for plant growth and development.
– Play a role in apical dominance, the process by which the main stem of a plant grows more strongly than its lateral branches.
– Zinc (Zn) deficiency can result in reduced auxin levels and abnormal growth patterns.
– Boron (B) is required for the efficient transport of auxin

– Role in promoting stem elongation, seed germination, and fruit development.
– They regulate flowering and the transition from vegetative to reproductive growth.
– Manganese (Mn) deficiency can result in reduced gibberellin levels and stunted growth.

– Hormones that promote cell division and differentiation, and are important for the growth of lateral buds and shoot formation.
– Zinc (Zn) and Iron (Fe) are involved in the biosynthesis of cytokinins by activating the enzyme that converts cytokinin precursors into active cytokinins.

– Regulates seed dormancy and helps plants to cope with environmental stresses such as drought and salinity.
– Molybdenum (Mo) deficiency can result in reduced abscisic acid levels and impaired stress tolerance.

– Promote fruit ripening and senescence, as well as the formation of adventitious roots and the response to mechanical stress.
– Iron (Fe) and Copper (Cu) deficiency can result in reduced ethylene levels and delayed fruit ripening.



Michał Słota, A summary of the role of specific phytohormones and minerals in successive stages of plant growth

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